Data Architecture concepts

There are two main Data Architecture Concepts that I generally refer to.


Data centric refers to an architecture where data is the primary and permanent asset, and applications come and go. In the data centric architecture, the data model precedes the implementation of any given application and will be around and valid long after it is gone


Datadriven. When a company employs a “datadriven” approach, it means it makes strategic decisions based on data analysis and interpretation. A datadriven approach enables companies to examine and organise their data with the goal of better serving their customers and consumers

Move to singapore

The photo is my own. taken at East Coast Park….

It is 2019 now and I have not published anything for over a year.

Granted I don’t think I have any followers but I do hope to start publish more this year.

I have been busy uprooting my family from NZ and migrating to Singapore.

Singapore is a great central hub, I have technical responsibility for Pure Storage FlashBlade high performance file and object sales in ASEAN & Greater China.

I have spent the past almost 18 months getting my head around things and also trying to make a living 🙂

So far things have worked out well, I have put solutions in for solutions for Oracle Data Warehouses, Big Data Analytics Platforms replacing legacy data lakes and AI/ML solutions integrating NVIDIA DGX-1 AI appliances.

In Pure Storage context, these AI solutions are called an AIRI, AI Ready Infrastructure .