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EMC Merger – Clarrion powered inkjets

Up and down the web we are seeing posts like this one at The Register talking about EMC and HP possibly merging to create some kind of super behemoth mega IT company – really!

67 year old Joe Tucci is set to retire, after 13 years as head of mega storage company EMC and all of a sudden they are talking to HP, that doesn’t make any sense to me.  Some punters are saying talks have been going on for 12 months, so before Tucci was going to retire last time. Is that why he held out?

HP are a full stack provider. The have compute, network and storage already. HP has invested millions in acquiring new technologies like LeftHand and 3Par to replace their dying EVA brand so why would they look at EMC? Thats right they don’t have a hypervisor.

Quite simply they want VMWare.

Lets face it HP don’t need another storage company. EMC could do with a compute and network company though – CISCO would make more sense or even building out with Lenovo and maybe Brocade – they are two partial stack vendors in need of completing the family.

Other talks are that Dell wants some of the company, they used to OEM EMC which they did well in before making the poor decision to invest in EqualLogic the fledgling iSCSI only array.

So how long do we have to wait before the magpies pick EMC apart after Tucci retires, or will he simply not retire again as was the case last time he we set to retire.

XtremeIOMG – The first time I have seen a Tier1 Storage Vendor get SMASHED

As pointed out previously I have been in the storage game a while now. Like it or not bad things happen and like it or not they very rarely see the public eye.

This is the first time I have seen a Tier 1 Storage Vendor get SMASHED and you have to ask yourself why??

The back channel of this is that an EMC customer Andrew Dauncey blogged recently that he was surprised (and quite rightly so) that he had to do a disruptive/destructive upgrade from 2.x to 2.x of XIOS the XTremIO operating environment.

It is most definitely not normal behaviour to see such public blogs of this nature and it has gone viral.

Was it because The Register picked up on this article and published it, or was it simply the amount of people that follow Andrew.

I say we should be more open, if there is an issue get it out there. Lets not wait for a syndication to pick up on it. Storage affects so many things and it is not ok to mislead your customer base, especially for Tier 0 or Tier 1 enterprises but not for any reason.

See blog posts from Nigel Poultan, Vaughan Stewart and others linked to Andrews  site.