How a good Restful API can benefit storage management

How a good restful API integration can change your world! I’m not a developer and yet within a few hours I wrote an app with the Pure Storage Powershell Toolkit to generate a Visio from live array’s.

I work for Pure Storage, I have worked for NetApp and HDS as a pre-sales engineer. Recently Pure released our PowerShell tool kit and I took it upon myself to see how easy it was to use so I built an application to connect to live controllers and generate Visio’s.
Within a couple of hours I had a working application that I have built into quite a solid application in my downtime over the last week or so.
Over the years I have tried many different tools and integration points including SMI-S and this is by far the easiest mechanism I have used.
The toolkit in its simplest form provides a shell to allow you to build applications around. My application is a read only tool, but you can also use it to perform snapshots, clones etc with very little effort.
Take a look at the blog posts that Barkz, the author of the tool-kit has written to show you just how easy it is.
I also had to have .Net installed obviously and the VisioAutomation Powershell module.

Not only do you have get access, but also put access so you can generate snapshots, clones, eradicate LUNs etc and it is just so easy to do.

I hope to have this as a published tool shortly so if you have some Pure Storage in your DC and want to gather, LUN, Host and Port data and present it in a Visio you will easily be able to do it.

Next steps are also looking into developing something for a mobile platform using REST and JSON.


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