Move to singapore

The photo is my own. taken at East Coast Park….

It is 2019 now and I have not published anything for over a year.

Granted I don’t think I have any followers but I do hope to start publish more this year.

I have been busy uprooting my family from NZ and migrating to Singapore.

Singapore is a great central hub, I have technical responsibility for Pure Storage FlashBlade high performance file and object sales in ASEAN & Greater China.

I have spent the past almost 18 months getting my head around things and also trying to make a living 🙂

So far things have worked out well, I have put solutions in for solutions for Oracle Data Warehouses, Big Data Analytics Platforms replacing legacy data lakes and AI/ML solutions integrating NVIDIA DGX-1 AI appliances.

In Pure Storage context, these AI solutions are called an AIRI, AI Ready Infrastructure .

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