No More Forklift Upgrades

I have had the pleasure over my years to work for some amazing companies. Some of these companies have helped transform the IT industry so I am always humbled to have been associated with them and the amazing talent that those companies acquire.

In the last decade we have seen an incredible change in how users consume IT and how IT is designed for consumption to support those users.

We have blown past Moore’s law. Littles law is now more likely to be associated with IT as demand for denser IT is needed with increasingly more variant workloads.

These sorts of demands require always on architectures which are not cheap to acquire, manage or maintain so new platforms/architectures are being constantly developed to ease the pain. Smaller, faster, more environmental new platforms that allow IT to offer more business value for less are being developed and introduced at an astounding rate.

Most storage consumers have always purchased in 3-5 year cycles. Those on the edge will acquire new technology every 3 years, whilst others will generally change every 5 years. This has driven a behavioural pattern for procurement.

Typically a better deal is offered if you buy 5 years up front as it is the best buying power/time a customer has whilst you are buying the new platform. If you only buy 3 years, then in year 4 you are given the option to “rip and replace” forklift, or order another 1, 2 or more years maintenance which is offered at a premium to make it more compelling to change. The other driving factor here is at some point the customer has purchased more storage so they have a maintenance delta between storage and controllers that fore the customer into a year 4 upgrade to varying depreciation cycles.

What if it didn’t make any difference? What if it was actually the same or less to buy 3 more years maintenance and over time your could ride the Intel commodity curve and get faster processors and more memory for free?

Pure Storage offers the Forever Flash program which does just that.
#NoMoreForkliftUpgrades are required to get access to faster denser processors and memory which in turns gives you access to support more flash and more applications.

… that gets faster and more capable with age
……never having to repurchase your existing capacity
…….never having to purchase software as you expand
…never having to forklift upgrade & migrate your data

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