Storage Performance fundamentals

1. Throughput

Throughput is simply, the amount of material or items passing through a system or process. Another term for Throughput is Bandwidth. You can think of it as how fast can I transfer data in and out of my storage array.

Typically Measured as:
Data volume per second (sometimes per hour for larger volumes)

2. IOPs

Input and/or Output operations per second is the number of I/O Operations currently occurring. Some systems have fixed I/O sizes which is easier to calculate from, others will report at any given time what the I/O size is anyway.

Typically Measured as :
I/O per second = Input and/or Output / second

IOPs in a storage array is typically measured as front end IOPs to or from the host

Back end IOPs is to or from the storage media.

3. Latency ( response time )

Typically Measured as :
milliseconds or microseconds to respond to a host I/O

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