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Storage Management – It should be easy

As a storage administrator your looking for a tool that can make your life as easy as possible right?

What do you want to know?

  • State of the controller
  • Capacity and how full it is
  • Latency
  • IOPS and Bandwidth

Those are “at a glance” features that are important to you.


From the Dashboard you want to be able to drill into your other data services in a single tool, not spanning multiple tools.

The Pure Storage management suite is simple, elegant and easy to use. It is based on an HTML5 interface so you no longer have to be concerned about versioning your JAVA and it runs directly off the array management IP network – how simple is that.

When you want to add a host or volume its as simple as going to the storage tab and clicking the + simple by hosts or volumes and you can create single or multiples of each.

host Volume

Protection groups for snapshots and replication is just as simple.  No need to add complicated text based management files.

If you want to perform a snapshot, select the volume and select snap – give it an optional prefix. If you want to recover that snapshot select the snapshot and gear icon to recover to the same location, delete, destroy, rename or even recover as a writable clone to an alternate host. Its that simple. On that note if you want to delete a snap go for it. You can always recover it if your within  24 hours before it gets purged and it isn’t linked in anyway to other snaps so you can delete one without impacting others. Awesome and simple.

By default the controller keeps 12 months of data, so you can within the same tool go back and analyse data from 12 months ago if your trouble shooting a problem.

Its simple, intuitive and easy to use.